Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Fravashi International Academy, Nashik

Fravashi International Academy (FIA) is a Residential cum Day Boarding School located in Nashik, Maharashtra.


India's leading Residential cum Day Boarding School located in Nashik needed to be more aggressive with its marketing tactics, in order to increase the number of admissions.


Candour Marketing Solutions decided to do SEM to increase number of leads with maximum ROI. After discovering which keywords were most profitable & most suitable audience & location, we created three separate SEM campaigns on Search & Display Network. On search network, we created Keyword-based & Remarketing Campaigns & on Display network, we created a Responsive campaign with 2 Ad Groups In-Market & Intent-based. Having three separate campaigns & classification in Ad Groups allowed us to establish a specific cost per lead goals and divide the budget efficiently to give the client the most relevant leads for their business.


Within 1 month the client was already seeing positive results. Some of those results include:

  • An increase of over 90% in clicks.
  • A 70% increase in CTR.
  • Receiving 64 Conversion/ Sales/ leads in 1 months.

The client has been extremely satisfied with the results from our paid Search & Display Campaigns, and are continuing to work with our SEM team.


*Campaigns marked with black are created by Candour Marketing Solutions.
*Campaigns marked with red are Previously done